Inateck's barcode scanner Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide you the solution to integrate our scanners to your own company applications and systems. It can seamlessly capture data, and also take control over scanner functionalities. By using Inateck SDKs, applications can effectively collect data and leverage it within the app to improve operational efficiency and enhance your productivity.

Supported Scanners

  1. For the below version of scanners, firmware needs to be upgraded before using our SDK and APP. Please send an email to, contact our customer service to obtain the upgrade software.

    BCST-73: SN prefix from 2K till 3C28
    BCST-42: SN prefix from 3B09 till 3D10

  2. For the below new version of scanners, firmware upgrad is NOT needed, you can directly use the APP and SDK.

    BCST-73: SN prefix from 3C29
    BCST-42: SN prefix from 3D11
    BCST-91: All versions
    BCST-21: All versions
    Pro 8: All versions
    BCST-23: All versions
    BCST-75: All versions

Functionality Overview

Steps to use

  1. Click on "Platform Description" at the top to check if your device meets the environmental requirements of the corresponding platform in the document.
  2. Open Inateck's official github:
  3. Select the SDK of corresponding platform that you need to configure.
  4. Find the section and follow the steps to configure your project.